Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adoption Conversation

Adoption is a journey.

Those words have been spoken to me on more than one occasion. Currently, I'm laying the foundation for Meili's future understanding of birthparents. In our house, we call her birthparents "China Momma" and "China Dada". She has no understanding of these words but we use them to reference the ones who gave her life.

Onto today's conversation....

Lately, Meili has been into switching roles with me - i.e., she is Momma and I'm Meili. I took the opportunity to have one of many adoption conversations with her. They always seem to take place in the car.

Meili: I Momma. You Meili.
Me: Ok.
Meili: Honey, are you my China baby? (She always refers to me as "honey" when she assumes the Momma role. I guess I use it quite frequently.)
Me: Yes.
Meili: Say waaa-waaa.
Me: Waaa-aaaa. I want my China Momma and China Dada.
Meili: It's ok China baby. Don't cry. Your real Momma is here. (Yes, we use the term "real". Between foster parents, birth parents, China parents, etc it gets quite confusing even for me.)
Me: Waaa-aaa.
Meili: It's ok. I'm here. Your China Momma and China Dada are working.
Me: Waaa-aaa. Where are my China Momma and China Dada? Are they in China?
Meili: Yeah, they're in China. They're busy working and picking their noses. You'll see them later.

At this point, I started laughing and our conversation was over. I guess my point is that I try to weave adoption and Meili's story into our everyday conversation. I don't want her beginnings to be a surprise. It should naturally be a part of her life story. And I'm doing my best to make this happen.


  1. Happy Mother's Day. Looking for happy blogs I found yours. (My work is a little sad sometimes).

  2. I'm glad that you found us! Happy Mother's Day to you too!